Last updated on February 13, 2021

Chartello ( is an online tool for visualizing your database.

The ONLY monetization strategy of the site is its paid plans, which are transparently advertised on our home page.

No unnecessary data collected.

While creating useful charts from a live database requires an intimate connection between our system and your data, we follow these three principles across the system:

  1. Access Less: avoid accessing any data the system does not need for functioning well
  2. Store Less: avoid persisting any data when the system can function without keeping it
  3. Keep Shorter: minimize the lifespan of any data that needs to be persisted

When you register on our system

We store these information, so that you can always log back in:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • A password that you set for your account

When you subscribe to our plans

We store these information for invoicing:

  • The brand of your card
  • The last 4 digits of your card

The rest of the subscription information such as your full card number and billing address never hit our servers, but are instead fully managed by Stripe.

When you connect your database

We store all the credentials (i.e. host, port, etc.) you provide as is, except for your database password.

The database password you enter is never stored on our servers in plain text. We, instead, encrypt it using a special key which is immediately purged from our servers and only stored on your computer via a secure cookie. This ensures that even if someone breaks into our servers, they won't be able to access your database password without having your special key.

For more information about this mechanism, please refer to the Security section of the site.

Additionally, we access the information_schema views from your database to retrieve:

  • List of tables and their primary keys
  • List of columns and their types

This allows Chartello to intelligently create ready charts that you can configure based on your database structure. These details are stored on our servers until you explicitly delete a connection.

When you view your charts

We query your database to access the specific chart data needed to display the chart you're looking at. This data can vary depending on the charts you use.

A typical query for an aggregate line chart may look like this:

    COUNT(id) as value,
    created_at as label
FROM users

The results of such queries are NEVER stored on our servers.

Trackers and Third Parties

This policy does not cover what the third party services we use do with your data. However, it is our responsibility to be completely transparent about these services and link you to their privacy policies:


As a Chartello user, you own all the data you enter on our site. Every connection you add to Chartello can easily be deleted from within your dashboard. Deleting a connection will permanently remove all of its traces from our servers.

We DO NOT sell your data.

Selling data is not our business. We will never sell your data to any third parties.